Be Thankful

I lost my grandmother this week (Tuesday). This was a hurtful day for me and she was living in her home until Monday. Although, this has occurred I am thankful she didn't suffer and that she was able to live in her home as she wished. But, beyond that I am thankful to have even known my grandmother. She was an awesome lady. When you talk about integrity, honor, honesty and honest hearted she was all that and some. She was a great teacher of Gods word and mentor for me and others as to how to be in life. When I look around the world today the qualities she held as a person is hard to find in this world. There are few whom hold these personality traits. I for one aspire to continue and be one who does. My entire life I have tried, to the best of my abilities, to do what is right. I am in no way perfect but I make a daily effort to do good. Her love for God was so deep that it showed in her actions and ways. This very trait had a way of drawing others to listen and honor her, I am talking about the entire neighborhood that she lived in, where she raised my father and his siblings with my grandfather. She was my friend along with my grandmother. The advice she would give me never failed. She would always give the glory to God, she would always say to me it is Jehovah not me after her advice. That was her famous words. At 4'11 she was small but a tower house in knowledge of God, morals and standards. At 94 she lived her life as she chose and left us to remember her as a great legacy and example. I will greatly miss my grandmother and I am truly thankful she was in my life. ❤❤❤


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