Georgia, Colorado, States OH MY!

My heart is heavy this week in regards to the gun violence that took place in Colorado and Georgia alone. This is happening everywhere and the loss of precious lives is a heartbreaking situation to hear about, encounter or survive. My heart truly goes out to the families. I wish I had the solution but I don't. I try to write encouragement for others to read when I write my blogs. I am aware that I do not reach many but I am trying one blog at a time. If you are feeling stressed out and don't know where to turn try God but if you don't believe in Him then try counseling with a professional. The myth that you shouldn't talk your problems to a stranger is just that a myth. You will be surprised, you may be more inclined to speak your thoughts to someone you don't have a personal tie to. These are suggestions and I just think that people should weigh their options.

~Live, Love & Laugh, we can even add Learn~

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