Safety First

There's no doubt that we're in uncertain and fast changing times, which means that our business policies and the way we normally do things are changing too. We take every measure to make sure that you our customers and employees are safe. COVID-19 is a serious and aggressive virus and we are just as serious and aggressive. We care about the environment and the earth and all that encompasses this fact. It is our goal to do what is for the benefit of our earth, environment and society.  We safe guard for working sanitary conditions, which means we clean and sanitize all working surfaces and equipment. All employees are required to wear protective equipment such as masks, nitrile gloves, scarfs to cover hair and frequent handwashing. Temperatures are checked prior to work and a physical symptom check questioner is asked on a daily basis, this is carried out no matter who you are. We follow the CDC guidelines for small businesses. I, the owner, monitor for CDC updates daily to ensure we are doing what is safe for our customers.  Mail deliveries and in person deliveries may have longer delivery times due to sanitation precautions and procedures. We appreciate your business and thank you in advance for understanding. We can make it through this difficult time. Be safe, wash your hands and social distance when possible.

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