Home Grown

Doing some reflection today and I wanted to post some pic from August 2017. My sons had just helped with getting the vegetables from our garden. Not only did they pick these they helped plant and care for these veggies. They were really happy about what they help grow and cultivate. Not just talk we live it, lol. They are now 6'8 and 6'5 and grew just like our veggies there is nothing like home grown. They are now 15 and 18. My philosophy is that all lifestyle and health changes are beneficial for a holistic approach to better living. We have been gardening for some time now and we all really enjoy it. My husband is the master at farming as he grew up on a farm and was able to teach us this beauty to life. Some lessons in life are not taught in the traditional school setting, so my husband and I chose to give our children what they need in order to value our planet and life around them. I must say I am very proud of them. ~remember: You are what you eat as well as you are what you treat, so treat your skin well...naturally~

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