Lena Ve' Sells Wax Melts

Good morning everyone. I want to introduce some new products to you that is now in the store. We are selling wax tart melts and the warmers to provide you with relaxation options. In this world today there is so much stress, and quite frankly we need some form of relation. Well these eco friendly wax melts are made from all vegetable wax, no animal products so again we are offering vegan friendly products. I am a health conscious person who wants the best for you. I have spent my entire adulthood life working as a nurse so it is in my blood to care for the health and well being of others. These wax melts gives a clean aroma experience, meaning you will not choke nor will your lungs be damaged during the encounter. Aromas have a way of giving comfort and relaxation. It really doesn't matter if it is from your food, the beauty products you use or the fresh air of Summer. The life wonders I value is the safety of our planet and the living inhabitants. So for your mental health take some time to relax and enjoy what God has offered you. ~Live, Love, Laugh and Learn~

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