Lifestyle changes

There is one thing I wish everyone could experience and that is healthy eating and healthy habits. This is such as stress reducer and many do not attempt to try it. I love the positive vibes I get when I reflect on many things that I have experienced in life. I would never claim my life has been easy because it has not but I do appreciate my parents and the guidance that I have received from them. One would be a vegetarian lifestyle. They would have definitely raised us, my brother and I, Vegan if they had knowledge of it. I am encouraging my sons to eat and try the meals and I have two that love it, I have one son that studies the benefits and lifestyle daily. He is so encouraged by what he is learning. So if I can leave any of you with one thing it would be for you to research into diet and lifestyle changes you can make for the betterment of your life. You are the only one who can live it so do just that live it.

Remember: "You are what you treat, so treat your skin well...Naturally"

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