Pop up shop Vender

Good morning all! I love this picture because it looks so peaceful and quiet. To my blog now, I am trying my best to find safe and health conscious Pop Up Vender sites. At this time I am having a difficult time with that. Some I have found turned out to be scams. It is a shame when you are trying to handle your business and there are others who are determined to use you. I am still determined to get myself out there. I am well aware that people in general need to touch, see and smell your products to be fully secure with what they are buying. I am so ready for others to experience and see what I have to offer. I want to expose you to a healthier product in which you can enjoy with no guilt. Summer is fastly approaching and I hope everyone will have gotten closer to vaccination. In order to combat this virus we all need to co-operate. It is not about anyone having control over your life because at the end of the day either you will have control over your life or an illness will. ~Live, Love , Laugh and Learn~

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