• My first Facebook Live introduction

    This past Saturday I hosted my first Facebook Live video to introduce myself and my products
  • Pop up shop Vender

    I am so ready for others to experience and see what I have to offer. I want to expose you to a healthier product in which you can enjoy with no guilt.
  • Georgia, Colorado, States OH MY!

    This is happening everywhere and the loss of precious lives is a heartbreaking situation to hear about, encounter or survive. My heart truly goes out to the families. I wish I had the solution but I don't.
  • Food for Thought

    If you are feeding yourself negative you will  reap negative, if you feed yourself positive you will reap positive. The law of the God/universe, whichever you trust this stands true.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff

    A lot of our problems come from focusing on the wrong thing or what someone else is doing instead of what can bring positivity to our own very lives.
  • Baby blanket

    Good morning vibes to all. I made this blanket for a new baby boy for a young lady. You know there is nothing like giving and getting something han...
  • In All Things Give Thanks

    Good afternoon! I am learning these days to give thanks in all my life learning experiences. Sometimes you may go through something tragic and whil...
  • Happy New Year!

    2021 Let's do this!
  • Wedding Anniversary Gift for Hubby

    This is a handmade crochet gift I designed and presented to my husband. We have been married for almost 25 years. When you are married for that lon...
  • Safety First

    COVID-19 safety is important for all of us to abide by. We can get through this together.
  • A New Beginning

    Live your life and follow your heart.