About us

Lena Ve Body & Bath was inspired by Marlena Velez. I have always enjoyed being creative and science. During my upbringing my parents were and still are vegetarians and thus so were my brother and I. I spent many occasions watching my mother and aunt make natural products for themselves and family but did not venture out to the public. This is where I had my very first experience with natural living. I spent a lot of time with my great grandmother who made hand soap for personal use and crochet little dollies. I really cherish these memories and the knowledge that was taught to me. Plus, I had a lot of fun learning too ;) I believe in truth and the truth is natural has always been better for us as humans. Every experience I have in life I cherish. Life is about learning and being grateful. I wanted to start this business because many people have problems with their skin, such as moderate to severe reactions to the chemicals that are commonly found in store bought soaps, lotions, balms, etc. I vow to make products that nourished and aid our skin. I, myself have very sensitive skin, skin allergies and therefor I can truly relate. Think of it this way your skin is the largest organ you have. I am determined to provide people with a better option for their skincare needs. Lena Ve' Body & Bath is committed to incorporate my current skincare knowledge from nursing (27+ years) to offer you quality products. I truly believe in our earth and its preservation by using natural resources. Our products are earth friendly and recyclable. We as humans are part of this earth so I use natural ingredients and oils in the products created. Our products are not made with any animal products or harmful chemicals, we are a vegan friendly business. I want to provide to you our customer the best possible choice in skin care needs. That is my goal, you as my customer deserve that for your health. I want to leave you with my favorite parable: it is the parable of two wolves. We, as a business, choose to do what is good. We are in no way claiming to cure any sickness or disease. I am only giving my observations and opinion of the products offered in the descriptions.